Repost not working??

  • 1 March 2017
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I seem to be unable to repost any tracks...Havent been blocked, the repost function just isn't working...
It says 'track has been reposted to your profile' but never actually reposts it onto my profile or the feed..
I also have another account that is also doing the same thing

9 replies

Having same issue. Please help
I have been experiencing the exact same problem for about 4 days now.
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Still same issue and I've now been blocked for 5 days for Reposting even though the Reposts didn't work...Last reposts on my profile were 5 days ago, even though I've just been blocked been blocked today for reposting ?!?!?!!
I have 2 other SC accounts, one is doing exactly same thing, the other one actually let me repost!!!!
Brace yourself for the bad news. Soundcloud just made a change that wont allow you to re- repost music anymore. Once you repost it once it stays dated at the time and you can never re repost it again. By re- reposting, it would take your tracks to the top of everybody's feed, but not anymore. So the last time you reposted the songs is the date that will be on there forever as the date you reposted and will NOT repost at the top of everybodys feed anymore.. First they take away groups and now this.
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Thanks for the update,Yeah that is bad news!!! Youd think it easier for the person to unfollow if reposts are annoying than SC restricting the service again!!
1st off they take away groups, (Which we were told there would be a replacement or new services added) and now reposts are banned!!!
So the feed now will be full of playlists that people will create to keep their music on the feed, whats the difference in that??
So playlists will be the next thing taken away???
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Ive just scrolled through around the first 50 tracks on my feed and only 1 wasn't a repost, So how has this banning reposts helped???
So with no groups, no reposts, Unable to post to Facebook as no player anymore...What does Soundcloud now offer to the unestablished artist to help spread their music??? Or is everyone being forced into using other platforms now instead??

2 of paid accounts cancelled, 1 more up for renewal next month..I'll take my money somewhere else !!
This will specially harm the smaller accounts who do not have millions of reposts by others. The big ones don't care...
Reposts in a small network of friends was the only way of promoting sounds within SC, what there is left now?
I can understand you want to limit the "hammering" of reposts which occured in the past, but completely take it away?
How about allowing reposts but only in a certain time distance (once a week?).
That would be a decent move.