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  • 1 November 2015
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Dear Soundcloud:

I think there is a big wrong mistake on your site about nationality choosing!

Taiwan is not a province of China! Taiwan is an independent country! We have our own language, words, people's choice for president, and constitution! So that Taiwan is DEFINITELY NOT A PART OF CHINA!

Please remove the words "PROVINCE OF CHINA" behind "TAIWAN" or I will quit Soundcloud and ask all Taiwanese users to do so!

Thank you

Heng-Chia Chang

46 replies

The options of nationalities provide "Taiwan, Province of China," the fact is, this ridiculous nationality made only because China's "One China Policy," furthermore, China even banned soundcloud's service domestically. I don't know why Soundcloud's management act like this. Very sad and angry with this issue, we're just Taiwan, never will be a part of China. Since you can provide only "Hong Kong", why not just "Taiwan?" Please don't be with the murderer of killing Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiao-bo, dear soundcloud.
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This issue keeps coming up and SoundCloud doesn't seem to care that "Taiwan, Province of China" is insulting to Taiwanese people. And why have previous complaints about this been deleted from SoundCloud?

Taiwan should simply be listed as "Taiwan" in the dropdown menu of countries. This is not hard to fix. The vast majority of websites with menus of countries list Taiwan as just "Taiwan", and yet SC is somehow unable to do this despite repeated complaints from Taiwanese users.

"Taiwan, Province of China" is clearly a propaganda term used by China to assert its geopolitical claims. Not convinced? Then why is Hong Kong listed as only as "Hong Kong" and not "Hong Kong, China" or something similar? SoundCloud has many users from Taiwan, and people in China aren't even allowed to access SoundCloud, so it's hard to understand why SC is so determined to keep this ridiculous term.
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It's both inaccurate and unnecessary. It's referring to a region only.
Why not change it to just "Taiwan"
Hi soundcloud,
please make an interface
of traditional chinese

There are many people live in Taiwan or abroad
read traditional chinese (includ China)

so please, soundcloud
please don't ignore me!!!
Taiwan is definitely NOT a province of China. Music is the language we all share in the world and we want peace here. Please don't make it complicated and revise the country description. Thank you very much.
I saw it yesterday I was like freaking mad
It's not arguing about politics or smth
please alter it soundcloud ASAP!
It's very disrespectful
Hi, when I search a song, there is a line below:

I would like to ask SoundCloud: which China do you infer to? Republic of China (ROC)? People's Republic of China (PRC)? or neither, just only Taiwan?

This issue can simply see in the two videos below, or google "Twaian China":

1) Is Taiwan a country... or part of China?

2) Why China And Taiwan Hate Each Other
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This is disrespectful. Please change the location to Taiwan. Taiwan does not belong to China and definitely not a PROVINCE of China.
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Please change the location to Taiwan. Taiwan does not belong to China and definitely not a PROVINCE of China.
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Taiwan does not belong to China and definitely not a PROVINCE of China. This is disrespectful. Please change the location to Taiwan.
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Hello everyone,

Thanks for writing in to let us know, we appreciate it. I can understand that this is a frustrating situation for you.

I have spoken to our Trust & Safety team and engineers to get some clarity on how we generate the list of country options on site and can let you know what I have found. It is a little complex, but I hope it helps to shed some light on how this list is generated at this time:

- We rely on querying a database ( for generating the list of countries which we display on our settings pages for users.
- The above database pulls information directly from ICANN (; an organisation which aims to promote the standardisation of naming conventions online. Specifically, ICANN coordinates the efforts of IANA (; the group responsible for codifying data related to local time for locations all around the world.
- IANA relies on pulling local time information for countries which have attained an ISO 3166-1 ( code. Quoting from the ISO ( directly; “The purpose of ISO 3166 is to define internationally recognised codes of letters and/or numbers that we can use when we refer to countries and subdivisions.” That being said, the ISO itself does not define the name of countries; they rely on data provided directly by the UN, which you can see here:

In short, this means that we ultimately rely on data provided by the UN to define the list of options (and the “name”) for each country provided in our list of options on site.

While I can appreciate that this is not an ideal situation, I hope you can understand why we rely on internet standard protocols to provide this list of options for our users. I can certainly understand why you and other users may wish for us to change how we handle this information. I have therefore forwarded your request to our engineers to see if we can consider another option in the future e.g. a free form text box rather than a drop down list.

For now, I would suggest that if it is important for you to include your country (which we do not currently provide an option for) on your profile, that you consider including it in another free text field on your profile e.g. in your profile description which you can edit on:

All the best
It's not a difficult issue, just remove "Province of China", it's not a ISO problem
Taiwan is not a part of CHINA

And the most BS thing is that the country field is not optional and force user to pick one of them in the list.
What?! It's 2018, this was reported 2 years ago! How long does it take to change it? Please refrain from blaming this on "we're getting our database from someone else, it's their fault", that is just ridiculous excuse. I've recently emailed another company about this issue and you know what? They fixed the issue on their website within 2 weeks!

Please, no more excuses. Just do it.
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Multiple tickets regarding this issue, all ignored. Found this thread and to see that the mods are just throwing up their hands and saying "oh we cant change it because we use some standardized UN protocol lol" is bullshit at this point. It's obvious if you wanted to solve the problem you could. You have competent website coders right?

If you want some inspiration on how to do correct naming to appease both Taiwan and the Chinese cry babies, you can look at their drop down menus.

I've been an avid Soundcloud user since 2011 or 12, and seeing that this is a GERMAN company it pains me to see you guys being such cowards regarding Chinese bullying.

I'll drop you guys the moment Youtube or Spotify make a better product.(not long)

We have different passports, different currency, different national anthem and laws! JUST CHANGE THE FREAKING OPTION TO "TAIWAN", It's NOT that HARD!

If other websites can have the option of TAIWAN and TAIWAN only, why can't soundcloud do the same?


STOP giving us the robotic answer and DO SOMETHING!


TAIWAN and TAIWAN only, is the name you guys should use for our country!!!!!!!!
In addition to Taiwan not being a part of China, this aboriginal band is not Chinese at all. It's easy, just drop the "Province of China" part.

Actually "Taiwan, Province of China" is not appeared anywhere on the UN page given in the last response. I wonder how come the UN data that SoundCloud rely on had defined Taiwan should be represented as "Taiwan, Province of China"?
The neutral internet standard is UNICODE CLDR not ISO-3166 which is very political. Soundcloud should update and follow the internet standards instead of the UN standard which was led by the PRC and other authoritarian nations