Request for the URL of an Inactive User

  • 3 January 2017
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Hello all, I'm a relatively new producer who has chosen my alias to be 'paperdreams'. As such, I would obviously immensely prefer that my profile URL match that. I found that the person who had the profile URL of has been (I believe) totally inactive for the past 4 years. As my friend tells me, there was apparently a form that could be completed if anyone had an issue that was similar to the one that I am currently experiencing, but he has also told me that it has since been removed. If anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Obviously it is of no real urgency, but I would like to have that URL eventually, especially considering no one is using it.

1 reply

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Hi paperdreams,

Please see this article on our Help Center for more info on that subject matter. The form your friend referred to did exist, but the policies around that have changed a while ago and we had to discontinue the previous process unfortunately.

Have you reached out to the current owner of the URL? I'd recommend doing so to see if they're willing to free up the URL for you.

All the best