Restore Deleted Track

Is there a way I can restore deleted tracks? I saw on a previous forum you guys are able to restore up to 3 months worth and I just deleted two this month by accident. Can you guys help restore them? Or atleast send over the file?

Thank you

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SoundCloud Forum Support wrote:

You worked hard on your tracks, don't accidentally throw them away! The small trash icon under a track waveform is the delete feature, don't click in unless you are positive you wan't the track deleted forever. We can only help recover tracks if an account has been hacked.

Here are some helpful tips on how not to accidentally delete your tracks:

Best wishes,
Gina and Mathis

Okay I have been hacked. Maybe it was russians I don't know.
If you were legit hacked go here -->
I just recently got hacked yesterday and my most popular EP's were erased. What do I do?!