Same-name Artist Upload BUG *FATAL SYSTEM ERROR*


My name is Joshua Gomes (jOsh)

Myself and a few other long time SoundCloud users have encountered a new problem in the system: I personally have name for it and that is the "Same-Name Artist Bug" It's when SoundCloud Go's algorithm interferes with the Artist's ability to upload and edit tracks. The bug specifically intrudes upon any given unlucky artist by uploading tracks of other artist with the same name to your account. This FATAL SYSTEM ERROR causes the artist's profile, paid and unpaid to be affected dearly. Profiles are bombarded with non-associated tracks that bog up your artist space with claims of being your proprietary distributor of your music. The system works but not perfectly. These errors need to be reprehended and fast. I have the mind to stop paying & using SoundCloud entirely. I pay $16 a month and a lot of serious aspiring musicians rely on your service? #SOUNDCLOUDMODERATORS if you see this thread or see my post in particular.

I will personally start a petition with all those of which this is happening to, we will have to come together and threaten to stop using your service or FIX THE BUG. I'm sure you have a large amount of monthly paid users of $6 - $16 with a high quantifiable value to this company. @AlexanderLjung & @ForssMusic really need to step it up this time around. Honestly this beautiful company started out great but I'm afraid it's slowly diminishing, I really don't know what it is that's going on.

The aesthetics of the site are great but the intuitiveness hasn't really went anywhere for a while. Though you've been doing it right since 2007 you've failed to effectively innovate your systems smoothly and by not rolling out SoundCloud GO sooner, big-capital companies such as Apple & Spotify have long surpassed you.

However there is hope..

Fix this bug and heck even make the premium paid artist profile a little bit more bang for the buck. Even if you have to make it 18$ people won't care just as long as it makes sense. I'm afraid of SoundCloud being washed up in the near future and though you developers and designers of this half-broken half-perfect system may not think so... lets just say the pudding is starting to go stale and people are starting to notice the stench.

Don't just spray febreze, throw out the pudding and make anew.

Much love,

Joshua Gomes (User since 2011)

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I don't think this is a bug. I think it is human error caused by a lack of research. Either way, what you are talking about is one of the wider issues caused by the introduction of monetized tracks on SoundCloud. See this here:

Your idea of a petition is good. How would you arrange this?
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Hi jOsh,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and sorry to hear you're having issues with this. This is currently happening to a few artists unfortunately. Our teams are working as thoroughly as possible, but mistakes can still happen in individual cases. As we've launched our SoundCloud Go subscription, some tracks might have been mistakenly uploaded to your profile as part of our ingestion for the extended catalog SoundCloud Go offers. Our team is currently working on removing these tracks from mistaken profiles but we need help identifying them.

Please fill out this form ( and let us know the details of this issue.

Thanks for you cooperation with this. We really appreciate your patience and hopefully we'll have everything up and running again for you shortly.

I have the same problem !