"SC Fаmоus Асcоunts Netwоrk"- Direct Message Scam

  • 27 January 2019
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Got a message from an account "Monica Wallace" offering to share a recording I put up with a SC Fаmоus Асcоunts Netwоrk- as well as estimations of how many plays, followers, and reposts it will generate. Looks fishy, wanted to report 🙂. Please advise.

5 replies

hey man, did you find out if it was a scam or not?
I got this message aswell
I am in the same boat.
me too!
Hello, so update on this whole issue and I hope this will offer some insight on maybe what's going on. Below is my conversation w/ this person/bot idk. I'm assuming everyone got the same if not similar message. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt even if the message was super suspicious

So I did some digging trying to pin this down. I used DuckDUckGo cause it doesn't filter based on data so it's a search engine more true to its design, would recommend it (if ur into that). Google however, pulled up more relevant links. I used the keyword "SC-Famous-Accounts-Network", without the dashes the links are much harder to find.
looks like there is another forum on this already.

Going to this Courtney King's page( I found a link in the banner:
(It's funny cause that's not a secure link cause HTTP stands for hyper text transport protocol basically internet things have to be transported you should look for https the S stands for Secure and is encrypted so no one can randomly intercept it (which makes this link suspicious). I don't know if the site takes you through a redirection before leading you to the final site which is fiver.
Although I've tried to visit the site again and I am unable to bad link maybe?
Thankfully internet history is useful. Here's where it originally linked too:
So what does this mean? It might be a promotional thing.
Here's a quote from s l i g h t from one of the articles:
"Why those specific numbers? 203, 7177, 337. The "real" followers will be bots. The plays, likes and reposts will be fake, plus the fake activity on your track with the same amount of likes and reposts from the same bots in the exact same order, and thousands more plays than your other tracks. Also, you'll inevitably be asked to part with some money somewhere in the proceedings."

Based off the sound cloud articles and soundcloud's team it's a scam because it infringes on soundclouds ToU (Terms of Use). If you find these accounts please report them.

If you want to report the channel or fell prey to the scam check this out.

Hope this helps!