Scam music promotion?

  • 10 February 2017
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I've seen some comments (I've gotten one) on tracks in the past week that promote links to a website that will supposedly promote your music. I didn't see much info about this, so I did a little clicking to find more comments and such. 100% sure it's a scam.
1) The price on the website is $250 but the comments give you a coupon code for $10. eZ scam method there, trying to make a deal look too good to be true (it is).
2) Why would a music promotion service use spam bots to promote their services? That's bad. Yup. Nope.
3) The comments have DIFFERENT LINKS to the website. E.G., whilst another comment links to
4) Yeah, they have a live chat on their website. I asked how they promoted the music and they closed the chat window for my IP. I also emailed them and got no response. I then used a proxy to get the chat box back on and they danced around the music promo topic.

This might be well known, but I didn't see any talk about it.
You want to see some of the bots I was talking about?
This track has 4 of them. FOUR. Them bots need some smarter programming.
They frequently overlap, so if you visit every song they comment on, you're bound to find more.

TL;DR, Music promo scam, totally not legit, avoid.

4 replies

Just got one of them messages.. on this joint i just dropped
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Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this here on the Help Community. Please help our Trust & Safety team finding these accounts & websites by reporting the users directly via the system. Here's how. 🙂
I haven't heard of this one, but the "promotion" you pay for is probably going to be bots giving your tracks lots of plays, or a bunch of fake followers.