Since 5 Min my accounts are down. What is going on? I get the errors "We can't find this user"?

  • 7 July 2015
  • 5 replies

I get the error "We can't find this user"?

5 replies

The accounts are back. Lightning struck?
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Hi Zen,

Perhaps it was just a bad dream? Looked over your profile, it's all good :)

Oh, thank you, that you care for me, I think the soundcloud system had trouble for a short time.
I can't log in.
Without opening my account by just searching my user name it says : We can't find that user !
It's been like more than 15-20 days with this issue 😕
I was using soundcloud with an account , now i signed it with facebook because i can't get my previous account back. Can you help me getting that account back?