So many songs being taken down lately...

  • 18 November 2015
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I've been rather disappointed with your treatment of copyright issues lately. More of my liked sounds have been taken down in the last week than in the rest of my time on Soundcloud (working on four+ years now). They're all great remixes of fairly popular songs, such as What Do You Mean or The Hills, so I understand that there could be copyright/fair-use issues here. However, they are far from the only remixes of those songs on this site, and yet other ones (which could not possibly have use permission from the artist simply based on the fact that the remixing artists are infinitesimal) have been up for considerable amounts of time when the popular ones were taken down days after being posted. This is just frustrating to be honest. I know your hands are tied in terms of the law, but at least enforce those laws fairly and don't just go after popular infractions and let bad ones slide. Also, I've had a song disappear from the desktop site and yet still be playable on my phone. This case is especially weird because it was a remix of an Autograf song, and they are not the type to make a claim on a remix. I'm not sure if that's just a bug, but either way it's certainly frustrating as well.
I love your service and you've done a great job over the past four years I've spent with you guys. Every issue I've reported has seen timely response and almost instantaneous action, which is a rare thing for a site of your size. I really don't want to say goodbye, but with plenty of other sites out there providing the same service, I could see that happening if this trend of restricting creativity and removing songs persists. I'm fairly certain those are not the ideals this site was built upon and I'm scared of the direction it's going in. I know you really don't care about the ramblings of one college student who doesn't even have a premium account, but I feel this needed to be said and I really want to see this site flourish as the center for creativity and freedom in the music industry. Thanks for reading this, if you did, and I hope that you take these words to heart. Have a great day.
Spencer Key, Long Time Clouder

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Hi Spencer,

Thank you for getting in touch. We love a long time Clouder's feedback, and we take all of our users' feedback seriously. I can understand your frustration about some of these tracks disappearing (I mean, there is so much good music & creativity & talent out there!)

We are outlining general information on Copyrights and how we handle copyright issues on our help center. Please note that tracks can get blocked in two ways - a) our content ID system recognises material that the copyright owners (this can be the artist, their label, their publishers, etc.) have submitted to us for fingerprinting, because they don't want for other users to remix, sample, or publish it on SoundCloud, or b) the copyright owners reach out to us personally and ask us to take down tracks that are infringing their copyrights.

Every block can be challenged by the uploader. If they can proof they own the copyrights, or have permission to publish the track on SoundCloud, our copyright team reviews the dispute and reinstates the track.

Please note that I am not directly working on the Copyrights team, though. Thus, I'd highly suggest to head over to our help center (if you have remaining questions, you will also be able to reach out to the team directly through the help center).

All the best to you,

P.S.: Our CTO, Eric, wrote an interesting piece on the topic a while ago. You can still find it here. #interesting-read 😉