Someone reuploaded a beat but now its gone after filing claim

  • 22 January 2018
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I recently found a user that downloaded one of my beats, cut off the beginning that says my producer name and then reuploaded it without giving me any form of credit. I decided to file a claim, but I messed up and didn't mention the exact beat that this person reuploaded so I went and tried to file the claim again but the beat was gone. What should I do?

1 reply

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If their upload has gone it is possible that:
A: They've deleted it.
B: They've made it private.
C: Your claim worked despite you thinking you hadn't done it properly.

I would keep an eye on their account and if it re-appears be ready to do your claim again. Also, if you notice they've done a similar thing with other people's tracks inform the original artists.