Someone uploaded tracks to my profile

  • 13 December 2016
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I just noticed that there are three new tracks uploaded on my profile. I can't delete them and there is a note saying:
"This track is managed directly by its rightsholder, so not all options can be changed. To make other changes, contact your label or distributor."
I understand some artists signed contracts and allowed labels to manage their accounts. But this is not even the case... all three tracks uploaded to my page are not mine. I did not create them, never heard them before and they are in completely different genre than all my music.

How can i delete those unwanted tracks?

Best answer by Chris Mai 14 December 2016, 01:54

Hope this form helps you:
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5 replies

Hope this form helps you:
yeah sorry m8 , we here at trump towers thought it was time for a change of pace , please leave your name and address in the complaints box here. have a nice day 🙂
lol next level marketing move
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after I mentioned that, ah, just find my entry rgarding this "issue"
Tracks deleted without providing any informations. Thanks for help!