Songs deleted by Soundcloud without any discussion

  • 12 November 2016
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Hey, I just want to know what the hell is wrong with soundcloud.. We post songs from movies, albums etc in our voice.. How can we get a licence for that.. And how can that be called a copyright infringement.. If all we have to do is compose our own songs/music and then post it on soundcloud then why would we waste our time in soundcloud & why wont we sell those compositions on some other websites..
I posted few songs on soundcloud with an ID


(AS MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN FROZEN BY SOUNDCLOUD, I HAD TO CREATE THIS NEW ONE JUST TO POST THIS COMMENT)and as my songs started to gain momentum (almost 50K likes in 15 days)someone posted a copyright infringement against me. And the reason is still not known. What copyright infringement is for them??
I would also want to know why the other songs posted by me were not cases of copyright infringement, they were also from movies/albums for which I don't hold any licence. Also there are many songs posted by persons who may not have any licence. All this make me feel that this is done by soundcloud itself and no one else. I have a reason for that as well coz I tried to post copyright infringement case against a person who posted the same song in his voice. And since then I couldn't excess my account.. I would request soundcloud to please reinstate my ID and my songs as I have no intention to do any sort of Infringement or kindly let me know why was my song removed. There are many songs similar to my one. If mine is removed, remove all of them. Thats it. Thanks.

2 replies

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Hi there,

For reference, please see here for further steps when your account gets frozen:
My track got deleted when i clearly got video evidence that its fully my own work and not part of a stupid edm music compilation. Im so angry you cannot imagine