Sorry We Couldn't Sign You Up. Please Try Again.

  • 22 August 2015
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Hi, I cannot create a new soundcloud account. It says "sorry we could not sign you up, please try again. Browser is Chrome, I have also tried IE. The email address I am using is a new one on hotmail, it has been verified and I have sent and received test emails to and from this account.

8 replies

Can anyone help me with this? I cannot get any support at all, someone replied on Twitter and then has not responded again, I have sent an email to SC support but no reply, I pay for this service, and need to open a second account; some help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Hi Nik,

Can you please send me the email and the url&username of the new profile you are trying to create so that I can take a look?

Yes, the email address is, I havent managed to create an account so it does not have a username. Some useful information for you so you do not have to ask me to do many things:

1 I have tried 4 other email addresses I cannot sign up with any of them, I get the same "couldnt sign you up. Try Again" error.

2 I have tried to sign up with soundcloud on a totally different pc on a different internet connection with and I get the same error.

3 I have tried IE, Chrome on my pc with different email accounts, cannot sign up.

4 I am in Greece. I dont know if that helps.

5 It doesnt matter what email address I use that I have available, either new or old, I cannot sign up to soundcloud.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to sign up at
Is there an update on this Gina?
I have fixed it now, I managed to create the account in IE. Thanks.
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I have fixed it now, I managed to create the account in IE. Thanks.
Thanks for following up on this one. Glad to hear this has now worked for you. :-)

I can't sign in with Google