Soundcloud Account Deleted

So I have been trying to reach soundcloud support for over a week and they have yet to respond to my emails. I had an account under YBN Nahmir's name and I had a song that was number 4 on the charts until it got deleted today. For some reason, my account was suspended for "impersonation" but Nahmir reached out to me about 2 months ago giving me the ok to have his song up. Later on, his label contacted me and told me there were a specific set of rules I have to follow and one of them was to have my account under his name. I didn't know that having Ybn Nahmir's name on my soundcloud would get the account suspended and his label along with myself are disappointed that the account was deleted with over 30 million plays. I'm still confused as to why Soundcloud would target my account when I had permission from the artist and label. Would it be possible to get the account back? And if so, what do i need to do.

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