Soundcloud account frozen, can anyone help?

  • 9 March 2018
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Hi there, recently I reported a user who was stealing mine and other peoples music on my main Soundcloud account (

Then the above account was then frozen two days ago and I have emailed the support team twice and have not heard anything back. Is there anything I can do to unfreeze my account as I use this account for my university work to release.

I have proof available of him stealing mine and other peoples music to use if needed.


7 replies

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Have you had any email from SoundCloud?
In what way is it "frozen"?
If someone has reported you for some kind of abuse, even a false claim in retaliation for a real one, usually your profile will be removed, but it is still visible. If your tracks have had copyright claims made against them (yes, even false copyright claims unfortunately)those will be removed but the profile left.

Feel free to name the person stealing tracks.
Hi Todd,

ever since I reported somebody for stealing my music, I have being frozen out of my account and each time I try to log in. it says 'your account is frozen'
The person stealing mine and other peoples tracks is listed below:
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Unfortunately SoundCloud staff are going to be off now until Monday, but I hope this gets sorted for you.

The person stealing mine and other peoples tracks is listed below:

These are a few recent threads where stolen tracks got taken down and offending accounts deleted:

It is probably worth starting a new thread to do this with A & B examples, if the original tracks are still up. There was an incident recently where another child was stealing music made by adults but was then doing copyright claims on the originals so they were removed.
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Is it still frozen? Did you use this form to contact them?
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Hello there,

Please see here for further steps:

Our Trust & Safety team will review your matter & reach out to you via email.

@Mathis Can you help me with my account