Soundcloud Blocked My ability to follow thinking I'm spamming, when I'm simply trying to refollow everyone from my artist account.

This year I've been trying to think of my artist project @DJNihilist as a brand, and as such I want my profile to be a reflection of that brand and brand network. Because of this I have just made this personal account so I can more freely follow and repost music I like, while still maintaining the integrity of my main profile. I started to transfer over the follows to this account, but I only got 200 deep before soundcloud blocked my ability to continue following, even including that the more I try to mass follow, the longer blocks will be put on my account. I am frustrated for a couple reasons: 1) because this throws a wrench in my plan, and it now seems like I will have to spend the next two months slowely following people before I can go in and start deleting the non-essentials from my artist account, and 2) because soundcloud doesn't seem to have any direct line to a technical employee who might be able to help/remove the hold.

Please point me in the direction of who I must talk to to get this process running more smoothly, as it is incredibly agonizing to look at the massive ratio disproportion of my followers to following. Please help 😞

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