Soundcloud broken on both mobile and multiple desktop browsers

  • 12 February 2017
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Since a few days ago, accessing the stream for my account in multiple browsers (tried Chrome and Firefox) results in the "Sorry, something went wrong." error. I can see in the dev console that many requests to are failing with a "500 Internal server error" message.

Additionally, accessing my account through the android app doesn't work. The stream stopped being able to update about 3 days ago, and trying to play any songs other than those that were cached resulted in an error. I tried deleting the app and redownloading, and now I can't even log in-- I get an error when trying to log in through my Google account. I was able to log out and back in on desktop, though.

All signs point to something being broken on the Soundcloud backend, and thus there is nothing else I can do to try and fix this problem. Please help, Soundcloud! 😞

3 replies

Having this same issue.
Same here. Hopefully they fix it.
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Hi there,

Are things back to normal to all three of you? If not so, please run our basic troubleshooting steps (as there is currently no outage, but there might have been when you first reported):

  • Sign out, clear your cache & cookies
  • Restart your browser / device.
  • Make sure you disable 3rd party extensions /Adblock, HTTPS Everywhere)
  • On web, try a different browser for testing.
  • Restart your home network if possible (i.e. restart your router) or test a different network.

Hope this helps.