soundcloud for commercial use

  • 5 July 2017
  • 2 replies

are there any regulations against using Soundcloud for business purposes? such as playing music from Soundcloud in my retail store or cafe? are there any licenses i have to obtain in order to use Soundcloud for business purposes?

2 replies

I would like to know more information about this topic as well ! wondering if I could play at my gym? commercial gym.
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Hi there Natalie & Pedro,

Thanks for getting in touch. Here's what our copyright team says about this: You may use SoundCloud for your own personal use, though if you use music in a public space this might be considered a public performance and you may need additional licenses for this use.

We apologise that we cannot give any legal advice on this, and we recommend that you get in contact with your local music rights organisation for more information about what licenses you may need for this use.