SoundCloud is a sinking ship, time to jump

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Nobody replies to our emails requesting help and explanations for SC's nonsensical policy implementation. Perhaps firing 40% of the workforce might be one reason why. Read this article:

It may be there is nobody left who gives a hoot. Having an online help community is a cost-effective way to offer help, as no staff are required.

Here are some alternatives to SC:

We would like to wish all of our fellow troubadours a happy swim to a new home.

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Let me illustrate one of the problems we have here. It doesn't take a genius to spot the incongruous statement from SC.

According to the article in Music Week above: "The German-headquartered streaming platform is to cut 173 out of 420 employees and will also close its San Francisco office, with the company’s operations to be consolidated to two offices, in New York and Berlin."

So SC had 420 employees a few days ago...

From the same article, SoundCloud's content partnerships director Raoul Chatterjee: "We have over 300 people working at SoundCloud and we have more working today than ever before. It’s the largest the company’s ever been."

If one of the directors believes 300 is more than 420, one tends to draw the conclusion that mathematics may not be the strongest suit of some members of the management team.

This may help to explain the years of eye-watering and unsustainable losses the group is experiencing, which may explain why so many staff have been released, which may explain why nobody answers emails any more.

Conclusion: SC don't care about their loyal customers. Customer service is not a priority.

Result: loyal customers become exasperated and leave, reduced artist pool less attractive to potential new sign-ups, fewer new sign-ups, reduced revenues on two fronts, deeper financial troubles, administration, SC bought by a rival for $0.01.
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Hi there,

I won't comment on any of the articles you mentioned, but checked in with the support team that replies to our users' emails to see if I can provide information in regards to your actual issue over here. Unfortunately, our Trust & Safety team is constantly dealing with bots, fake users, spammers etc. of various nature, all of which have caused a large number of our SoundCloud community to reach out to us and complain about being spammed. It required that we put in place limits around messaging, commenting, following, reposting etc., as all of these features were being abused to spam large amounts of users.

I can understand your frustration over not being able to send messages to the people you support, as it limits your ability to run your label and actually let the artists you support know about it. If there was a way to set rules in this regards on an individual basis - I would. However, the limits & policies we outline on our Help Center apply globally, to every user on SoundCloud. Your messaging block will be automatically released in two days from now.

I will be sure to forward your concerns & frustration over this to our Trust & Safety team for feedback.

All the best to you
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Thank you Mathis, a reply at last. We appreciate that somebody has finally said something, but you have not actually told us anything we don't already know.

Our issue is not with you having the limits. Our issue is about the punitive, childish and mysterious way your policy is applied, complete with typos and bad grammar.

Why can SC not behave like grown-ups over this? It beggars belief that a professional service we pay for in good faith is denied to us because of SC's appalling poor policy implementation.

Whoever thought the current process was a good idea needs to be demoted to toilet cleaning duties until they graduate from night school. One would imagine that a reasoanbly good business degree coupled with some real-life experience might be the minimum requirement for a decision maker in a large corporation such as yours.

We are not asking for individual treatment. We are suggesting a necessary change in SC's attitude towards its customers.

We have suggested numerous simple solutions to remedy the issues. Why can somebody not actually *do* something about it?

It would seem from these message boards that a number of your customers are having similar issues. Our suggestions would end all the problems.

The bad news about that, Mathis, is that your role answering these messages will become superfluous to SC. They will be able to relieve themselves of your services too, saving themselves another monthly salary bill. Maybe we shouldn't mention that to any of the mathematically challenged members of your upper management structure. :)

In the meantime, we continue to wait for a reply to our emails.
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Still waiting...
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Hi Wud Records,

Your feedback has been forwarded to our Trust & Safety team, and they are taking user feedback into account, however we cannot always reply to every request. If you still feel the need to discuss this with the team further, please contact them directly again. When you do, feel free to point them at the typos and bad grammar you've noticed.

All the best
"loyal customer" mate I been here two days on pro account and I already want to leave, they are screwing me around and I have only 4 uploads... they are actually really good at pissing people off if it were a sport theyd be winning.
Spammed to death. I'm cancelling my sub. In the space of a couple months I've had more response on Airplay than I have on SoundCloud over 5 years. No spam on Airplay. Nothing but spam on SoundCloud. There appears to be no connection between artist accounts and their pay subscription listening model. I don't get it. It's incredibly frustrating, commercial suicide.
Hey @Luuta does Airplay offer a podcasting service, do you know?
Hey @Luuta does Airplay offer a podcasting service, do you know?

No podcast. Artists pay to have their songs played on Jango internet radio. The stats you get back are very, very good. You are informed of every single play and who listened. But it's expensive. $30 gets you 1500 plays, and you need over 50 listens on a track in a given week to receive free bonus plays.

It isn't perfect by a long chalk. But it's better than Reverbnation for feedback and stats, and it makes SoundCloud look like an ancient, abandoned wreck
MATHIS please help me why isn’t my account gone ? I did nothing wrong I’ve done everything to get it back I am not a robot , I have the correct email and password , please help me my url is
After being with Jango/RadioAirplay for a year or two, I have concluded that the stats aren't trustworthy. Over a million plays and no verifiable interest. Not one. Of those that supposedly liked the music, amounted to less than 1%. Sad, but if you work out the costs per unverified like, it's way more expensive than direct selling.

I had a dispute with Reverbnation for continuing to take money from my account, despite having a credit large enough to cover the next payment. I was banned and they didn't repay the credit. I now find them untrustworthy. Like Radio Airplay, they really did nothing by take your money. Again, no verifiable way of confirming anything. Facebook advertising, the same.

None of these platforms has led to ANY sales, or verifiable contact with fans.

My advice to everyone is don't waste your money.

Record Union got my albums out there, but have done nothing else to promote me. I know they say they don't do that, but any company that takes your money should have an interest in promoting you.

I'm now trying Spinnup and CDBaby which are a little more proactive (not much, but at least they show some interest in their artists).

If you're an artist or band who can perform live, you are much more likely to succeed off the back of your own hard work.
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However, the limits & policies we outline on our Help Center apply globally, to every user on SoundCloud. Your messaging block will be automatically released in two days from now

Blame the user? Y’all don’t get it. And so yeah, the ship will sink.
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Wow... This has happened 8months ago...
But no fixed.