Soundcloud made another account. simillar problem found here, but not exactly the same.

  • 12 March 2016
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Hello, its me Karlis ( A.K.A. @Spoldain ) ! Before you read, my account was created by using facebook account, and this is not my original profile.

I will start with, that, how my problem began. I had issues with changing e-mail, because I had another ones I was planning to delete, to be able to change e-mail.
So, after logging into other ones and deleting them, I tried to get back to original by signing again using facebook, but soundcloud created a new profile. I don't know what to do. I tried everything until I remember that I used facebook to make account. My original has also Pro Plan and audience is growing there. My original account is .
Also when I send to my email instructions, it says something about password change. well, when I made account it made without using password, and later I didn't added password to account. P.s. If some of Moderators are reading this, I would like to ask to delete account (if that's possible) that has e-mail:, because, most probably I created that account by mistake, trying to get to my previous account, that I used years ago.

2 replies

God, thank you ! Got back somehow.
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God, thank you ! Got back somehow.
Hi Karlis,

You all good? Let us know if you still need help accessing the account.