Soundcloud Monetization

Hello everyone,

In the last couple of days I've been receiving several messages informing me about ads being played on my content. I personally was never a fan of the new monetization feature and thus, I never even activated it on any of my content. I am extremely confused now, that Soundcloud would just enable monetization on my personal creations that I own the full copyrights to. Basically, Soundcloud is monetizing my content without my consent, which is a huge copyright infringement.

I would really appreciate if someone from the Soundcloud Support got in contact with me immediately to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Not only is money being generated from my content without my consent, but much more importantly, Soundcloud is intervening with my fans and playing them ads, which might eventually lead to them unfollowing me.

I'm eagerly awaiting your response,
Vincent Gericke

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