• 20 March 2019
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I'm a rapper from Tanzania, just got access to SoundCloud Monetization a couple of days ago. During registration, the only form of payment is via paypal but paypal accounts in my country cannot receive money, they are only valid for payments or sending money.
I tried contacting paypal and after a very long conversation they assured me that there's nothing they can do as the laws in my country do not allow receiving money via paypal.
How can I get SoundCloud to setup another form of payment for me?

3 replies

Make a new paypal with a proxy based in America and and create an American paypal
Thanks for the reply but wouldn't work, my local bank won't accept any transfers from paypal
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that. Hmm, I'd recommend to reach out to the relevant team at SoundCloud about this. You can do so here.