Soundcloud monetization vs Beatstars

  • 14 January 2019
  • 5 replies

Helllo everyone.

Basically my soundcloud account is being monetized through BEATSTARS, but i received an invitation to monetize directly from Soundcloud PRO.

Does this cause any conflict? I understand soundcloud would pay per streaming while beatstars pay per ad placed.

Thank you

5 replies

Get back to me with this answer as well as I have come across the same dilemma. Much appreciated!
Lil, ive found out is not possible since the monetizing icon is already turned on, ill try with my upcoming songs i assume it will be possible.
Does this mean only new releases will be monetizing off SoundCloud? and all the tracks previously being monetized by beatstars will continue being monetized through them? Thanks
Im assuming that, sounds logic to me, but ill guess ill found out in a month or two friend
I have created an account on Beatstars and have enabled monetization on Soundcloud through them. I have free account on Soundcloud and I get message on top of the screen something like you are just minutes away from monetizing your first tracks which is the option to subscribe for Soundcloud Pro etc.

The point is I never used to get monetization option on free account when I used to go to edit tracks but now I can see Monetization tab when I go to edit tracks but I still cannot click on "enable monetization".
Is this because I will have to wait for a few days and it will sort itself out or am I missing some step?