SoundCloud must stop offensive, sexist, violent music from autoplaying at the end of our playlists.

  • 6 February 2018
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I'm a woman. When I listen to music here I inevitably have to end up switching off autoplayed raps by teenagers shouting about bitches and ass-fucking. Why are these tracks being chosen? I'm sure you'll say you've got a really clever algorithm that selects them but your algorithm can't tell that music tagged with certain words isn't likely to be of interest to people who've been listening to music tagged with something else.
I've just looked at the profile of the kid whose track I've had to switch off three times already. He's 17. Can you at least force music made by adults onto us?
His profile picture is a selfie of him holding a gun. That's the way he wants to present himself, that if I'm not careful he might kill me, so can you at least force us to listen to tracks by people who value human life a bit more?
He's got 134k followers but when I clicked on them there were a surprising amount who couldn't upload a profile picture or change their name from the user number so I expect they are bots.
He only follows 4 people and only likes 6 tracks so he's hardly an active, engaging member of the SoundCloud community.

Great, I've just seen he is awaiting trail as a suspect in two murders. Why are we being made to support him?

3 replies

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It looks as if some of these tracks are ones that have manipulated the search engine to be "trending" .... so you are making us support people that are using fake activity. Even if they are genuinely popular in their genre, doesn't that mean they're getting enough real plays? I'd be far happier to be made to listen to something recently uploaded which has obvious relevance to what I've chosen to listen to, even if it's not very good.
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