Soundcloud Premier Monetization / Strike on Account

I was issued a strike on my account a few weeks ago when my songs were flagged for copyright infringement from a RANDOM soundcloud account that targeted my top three MOST STREAMED songs on my account. I managed to, after going through the dreadful proof of copyright process, get two songs back & I'm waiting 10 business days for my third.

Here's my question(s)/issue.

I was kicked off Soundcloud's monetization program because of the strike & I have yet to receive my payouts for last month.

Will I receive my royalties? or did the strike disqualify me from receiving those payouts?

Lastly, when all of my songs are back on my page / the strike is lifted...will Soundcloud pay me ANY sort of back-pay for the mistake that was made by the RANDOM soundcloud account that caused me to have the strike in the first place?

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