Soundcloud Reject Disputs For Tunes That Are 100 % My Own Creations After Someone "Unserious" Reported Them As Copyright Infringements ! No Help @ All From Soundcloud !!!

  • 17 January 2018
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hello today in the morning i recognized that someone(and i think its a guy i know that is jealous of my popularity)
send "soundcloud copyright infringements" for 40 of my tunes to soundcloud ...they are now in a state of "not available" and i sent a very excact describtion why these are my tunes...and that it is a person who possibly hates me... i almost composed all these tunes with vsti i really created them bymyself... how can it be that soundcloud accepts these unserious / criminal actions of other users?? and is here anyone who can help me or now... all my music is monetized...and i have all the music on youtube and sold it a lot allready with never having copyrightissues...even spotify etc. ! please help.... is this normal that people just can report others and the tunes will be taken down??? what is wrong with soundcloud !!! ... i wrote a dispute for every tune...and reported the user who i think did that... any tipps what to do guys
... all my tunes were deleted and my disputes were rejected ........ how can that be ... it were all my tunes .....

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