Soundcloud wont let me change my URL even thoguh I'm following the rules

  • 4 August 2017
  • 2 replies

When I go to change my Soundcloud URL it says I can't use special characters. I'm not using any special characters. Just letters. Can't find any way to contact support on it.

2 replies

Welcome to the group of confusion. I am having the same problem. Great site for artist bad customer service. I wish Reverberation provided this kind of service at least they reply back promptly.
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Hi there,

Sorry if this isn't working as expected. Please see here for more info:

If this still is not working for you, chances are that the URL is blocked due to a previous owner of the URL being suspended due to repeated copyright infringement or for being a fake / spam account. Unfortunately, this is not always reflected in the error messages. We've reported this already.


P.S.: The Help Community is a great resource for many questions about SoundCloud, how tos, etc. and we're trying to help where we can on the community, too. However, given the traffic, we cannot catch all of it right away. Our Help Center also contains a lot of info. If you still feel the need to reach out to the team individually, which is important for subscriptions, trust & safety and copyright topics, please use the contact form on our Help Center. 🙂