• 18 April 2016
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I am being spamed every minute by someone creating follows on my account using a different url each time but listing the same bogus tracks. I am getting tired of deleting and reporting the users – how do you stop this?

3 replies

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this is happening to you. Please reach out to our Trust & Safety team about this directly for a more in depth investigation. You can get in touch with them here.
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Hi there,

Your block has already been released, so you're all set. I've looked into your account details. To clear up any confusion you did not hit a limit for reposting too many tracks, but instead for reposting the same tracks too often. Our Trust & Safety team has applied a limit in response to the community's request to curb behavior where an account reposts a track, removes that repost, and then reposts the same track(s) again in a short period of time.

Based on this feedback from our users, who said it was causing annoyance and confusion, we have put limits in place to restrict this behavior. Your account has been blocked from reposting for this reason. As we work to prevent this activity in the future, if you run into this limit repeatedly, each block you receive will increase in length.

We hope you can appreciate why we felt it necessary to put these limits in place.

Best regards,
Hi Mathis,
Thank you for stopping the Spam that was being posted to my account. In regards to my postings, I was only posting to Groups. When I first got the message that said you can post only 75 tracks I did not understand it and then I was not sure which track I had posted too many times to Groups as the message comes up after you post. I will certainly respect this limit.
I only want to post new tracks to Groups and hopefully I will only be restricted by the limit of posting 75 tracks to Groups.
I love SoundCloud and want to be able to use it to the fullest! I am a SoundCloud advocate and tell everyone what an amazing product it is!
Thanks, Bruce