Spam Frustration Round 1

  • 5 April 2017
  • 4 replies

Please guys, is it so difficult to create a searchstring to delete all fakeaccount who contains a track with "Submit Your Track -" in the text range from your databases ?

An Idea was: if the user upload a track who contains text with "johndoedoitagain" = delete track + delete account + Ban the IP Adress.

4 replies

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Whether they call themselves Glitch Records or Glorify Records, when they create a new account to upload their advert track it is usually deleted within 24 hours.
The problem is their repost bots, which they've probably got close to 1000 of by now, are not going to be reposting anything most of the time.
This is one of their bots right now. Nothing reposted. (Why did his parents gave him a girl's name?)

Once the new Glitch/Glorify account is loaded, probably later today or tomorrow, Teresa will be reposting again.

Plus, the title of the uploaded track gets slightly changed so SoundCloud having some autosearch for the last title they used might miss the latest one.

If you get the advert reposted in your stream, block and report the account you are following that reposts it. And don't follow back accounts that follow you and are following close to 2000 other accounts but have nothing uploaded, no reposts, no likes, no comments etc. etc. Eg:

It looks as if Jayson Helfri

ch is the new go-to name for spam bot accounts:
Okay, as i understand it right, i can look to the fakeaccount and if i see they have no own records postet or just 1 Track, then it was in 99% a fake account, created by a bot and i can easily block him as spam. Thank you for your fast information.
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As I predicted, Teresa is reposting the new Glitch Records spam track from their new profile:

And Jayson Helfrich who I suspected was the bot spamming your stream is confirmed as a Glitch/Glorify bot:

Find who the actual person is and sue them or beat the crap out of them. Another idea that may work is to create a black list of these scammers and a white list of the th few legit services.