• 16 November 2017
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Hi there! I would like to mention that from yesterday evening I got 6 new followers and all of them were fake accounts - women accounts- every of them like and share tracks from Voda Records - techno label from Ukraine. Moreover they are also sending pm - I enclose attachments that u can see how Nice this promotion of Voda Records is going. I think this user should be banned for spam!!!

Ps. SoundCloud staff - please do something finally with stats and all - from already one month not only me (I have checked forum), I have probleem with reposts and also amount of followers is not correct.

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5 replies

Few minutes later- again same label. This is really annoying... Does anyone have the same problem with spamming Voda Records?

Update : and new follower again 🤣
i never got voda before i got a bunch of sex personal ads and ramen records lol
I hadn't heard of these people before but they've got a lot of bots following them. Lots of accounts with just a woman's first name and a picture ripped from instagram ... all pictures of women unlikely to be interested in Ukrainian techno.
I have just looked on VODA RECORDS profile and yes, it is true - they are followed by bots. Also “ so called djs” who are representing this label are followed by ladies bots.

I also just have read the story over Glitch/Ramen records.

I don’t know but I think that reporting those people is not enough, also following bots should be reported? Or am I wrong?

Such accounts should be removed and banned from using SoundCloud. The real artist should not even think of making such way of marketing promotion - fake likes are maybe bringing-followers-method but for me such “so called” artists are only to laugh them out loud.
Block and report the bots sending the messages for spamming. SoundCloud staff will be able to see that they're sending the same messages again and again.