Speed Up App ID Process?

  • 18 November 2016
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I submitted an application for an app id more than a week ago. I was really surprised to see that the form said it can take up to two weeks to get an app ID approved. Is there any way SoundCloud could speed up this process? That's a really long time to wait.

Here's a little background. I've been using the popular SoundCloud is Gold Wordpress plugin for a couple of my sites. About two weeks ago parts of the plugin stopped working, specifically the part in the admin area that accesses my lists of sounds and lets me pick one to embed in a post (the public facing shortcodes are thankfully still working).

It looks like the plugin developer's app id expired or was deleted or something. The developer has not responded to my (or other's) requests for support. The only way forward seems to be to either update the plugin with a functioning app ID or craft a new plugin that will do the same job. Either way, an app ID is needed.

I'm really surprised it takes SoundCloud so long to approve app ID requests. Does anyone know if there's a way to speed up this process?

2 replies

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Hi there @Virginia Humanities, and also hi @Oorlab (good to see you posting),

Unfortunately, we were experiencing a lot of abusive behavior happening with our API, which is why we were forced to put a manual review process here. Given how many applications were getting, and how little resources we have at this point to have the applications reviewed, we had to set such a long processing time. :-/

We continue to look into improvements of the process though, so I'll make sure to pass on your feedback.
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you mean an App ID like mentioned on this page?
maybe Wordpress has also to approve something?
Interesting subject. Two weeks seems quite long.