Still haven't received password reset email

  • 31 July 2018
  • 4 replies

It's been at least an hour since I requested a password reset and still no email. Not in my junk folders or spam or trash or any other emails, and it's annoying because I set up my account today, with the same password I always use for everything, and it's telling me the password is incorrect when I know for a certain fact that I'm using the password I had originally set. So I'm trying to reset the password, but I'm not getting the email. Please help!

4 replies

got the email soon as i posted this. really guys? you gotta wait til we complain to actually help us out? Soundcloud sucks balls man.. remember when there were no ads and you could post remixes?? So sad to see what it's become.
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Hi XtraLyf,

Sorry about the troubles. Glad to hear you've now received the password reset email. We've forwarded this to our engineers to investigate why the email took so long.
I'm having the same problem! Have requested an email on my Android app, been a few days now. Tried multiple times. My login is saved on the laptop, I'm done if I get logged out! Pls help.
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Hi typeB,

Hmm, it looks like the account from which you're writing has an email address that is properly confirmed, so you should be all set actually.