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  • 27 April 2016
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I need a support email so I can talk to an actual person about SC issues. Does anyone have one or is SC's support section now just a FAQ?

7 replies

Here's the link
Hi @Mathis, where can I find the option to contact the right team on a specific issue if needed? Thank you.
Hello SoundCloud help center, as listed above this is the 2nd month SoundCloud has charged me after I knowingly unsubscribed from the 7$ a month subscription & downgrade to free account . If you can, could I please get a refund for January 2019. I haven’t even began to use the subscription and this is my first time for a refund.
help me


help me please look at my emails

My account was hacked and deleted. I need it back.

she is my way of working
Hello! I got a new phone and therefore deleted apps along with soundcloud off of the old one. My intentions were to download the app onto the new phone and log into it with the same account to pick up where I left off. Can someone help me retrieve the data back, as I had no clue it actually deletes the account data as well. Thank you so much!!
when will a queue or play next come out for ios
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Hi Avanti,

Depending on what the issue is, we have the option to contact the right team on a specific topic via our help center. Or, you can ask here on our help forum.

If you'd like to provide feedback about the product, please do so here.

All the best