Suspicious Message

  • 25 February 2019
  • 2 replies

I uploaded a song and only about an hour later, if that, I received this message.
"hоwdу How r yа dоіng
I'm gоing to shаre yоur trасk Have a Dream on Me
tо my SС Famоus Aсcоunts Nеtwоrk.
whаt уa wіll rеceіve:
✓ 215 rеal fаns (apрroхіmatеlу), 7035 hоt lіstеnеrs, 318 re-shаres аnd lіke, а Short-Vidео-Теаser for уour musіс.
Сheсk out thе lіnk in my hеаder оr аvа picturе"

Do you know anything about this SC Famous Accounts Network? She also provided a venue to upload my track and send her a return message. Is this ligit?

2 replies

i also ggot the same message on one of my tracks but as i'm a small artist and don't have much followers i allowed her to repost the track
Yeah I got a message practically identical to this, just told him that I'd never heard of the site he was telling me to go to and that I'd be passing on his offer.