temporary block FOR WHAT?

Hi developers!
I was placed in a temporary block. I can't follow accounts. What exactly did I violate?
"There are currently limits in place for the number of follow actions that you can make within 24 hours and for re-following the same accounts within a short period of time."
OK! where can I learn these limits? I do not find these specific limits in the rules. or are they abstract? All the activity of my account is the find out personalities who are the authors of music for games. I subscribe to people who write music for games and I repost their music to my profile - those songs that I consider worthy. I want to draw attention to the music of absolutely different composers - both known and not so, that's why I do not pass by in silence past those whom I found. Because I do not see any other way to make their music visible on your service. Visible even for me. Search on your site is the most useless thing I've ever seen. The only way to find the authors themselves is to find them in "following" with other authors. Because the search for the necessary tags leads to garbage publications - to publications with copyright infringement, and I do not want to repost illegally published music. Once again, I want to know which rules I violated and which limits I exceeded - I need to know exactly. And for how long my account has been suspended. Thank you for understanding.

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