Thanks for the 5 years

  • 22 July 2019
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I woke up this morning to find 80% of the songs I like and listen to, depending on my mood, switched to 30 seconds previews. I have used your service since I was a college student because it was free. I even paid a couple months of your subscription, even though I had no money. Wish I could support you guys, but I had to get rid of every subscription I had to save money to go back to school.
Wish you guys didn't take this route like other music services. It's quite disappointing the last 5 years of building my library has been pointless. The amount of ads and the length of these ads were getting out of hand as well. 45 second ads every couple songs? I can't even skip songs without getting ads now.

I tried sending an email to their support, but seems like they removed that function as well. Not sure the direction you guys are headed without asking your loyal customers what they want or even letting us leave simple feedback.

Sad farewell soundcloud, hope you don't completely turn into other greedy streaming services.

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