The truth about Pro Music Rights catalog of over 2 Million Songs

If you have been following some of the US music trade news this year you might have seen press releases from a new performing rights organization called Pro Music Rights. They've got a pie chart graphic claiming to manage a catalog of 2 million songs. This would make them the third biggest performing rights organization in the USA, after BMI and ASCAP. However, you can download a speadsheet of the catalog from their website, and it tells a different story.

Firstly, at the start of November 2018 the total amount of song titles is 1,921,376 which is 78,624 short of 2 million. On closer inspection, 1,920,742 are fake, with artist names such as BRASHCHRIS1NOTES, INSNARSTAFF, RUBATOTON1022, SCONTHEZZY485, LARGOMAN5614, BLOKEPLAY and THEJRAFFQUAVER. That leaves just 634 real titles.

It looks like a scam. Don't sign anything with them.

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I've seen a press release where some lawyer of theirs is threatening to sue radio stations that don't pay if they play music from this catalog. It looks like he's not going to be very busy with this client.
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Pro Music Rights are getting their Wikipedia listing deleted since the only evidence that the company exists is their own website and their press releases. Once you exclude all the fake artists the people with the most titles are all Jake Noch aliases.

Everett Haynes wrote:

It looks like a scam. Don't sign anything with them.

I don't think anyone is submitting anything. The organization is another of Jake Noch's expensive fantasies. I don't even think it is a scam. It is just a misguided person desperate to be a famous musician going about it in a really bizarre way.
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Jake Noch has registered yet another LLC company this year, Dance Hall Distribution LLC. I'm not sure how this might be more successful than all the other distribution companies he's set up which don't appear to have distributed anything. There's been Global Affiliates Music Distribution LLC and Pro Music Rights Distribution LLC.