This one's a bit confusing but I need Help ASAP!!!

  • 27 February 2017
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Hello, I am connected to this community through my 2nd account (as of now) because my main account had gotten Falsely Terminated!

My main account: "" had gotten reported by another account claiming rights to a song I created.
The email linked to my main account was inactive & I did not have access to it. I have recently gained access to the email account through a password recovery to dispute my case but Unfortunately, soundcloud had already decided to terminated my account.

I have proof that the person who claimed rights to my content does not OWN or Created any piece of my work. I can prove it through My project files & statements from my manager & collaborating producers.

This account "" is the one who reported my account & had already been harassing me in my comments.
You could even tell by his profile name that his intent was to spam/harass me.
I am not the only person he harassed as well, I have statements from other pro users who can provide testimonials & their experience with him/her.

This soundcloud account was my main platform as an independent artist & an attack like this is unlawful & plain not right.
I hope I can get my data back & what is truly my content.
I can provide Proof in the form of Project files, project metadata, screenshots, chat logs, etc. You name It. I will not stop fighting for my account back. I cannot let this internet troll win by successfully abusing the soundcloud copyright policy!
Please reply to me & help in my efforts to get my account back.
Thank you

10 replies

yah that account has been commenting negative stuff on my tracks as well but i deleted it. its very sad that this happened to you i used to listen your music alot. 😕
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Everything about that account looks like it's spam or abuse.

I'd get everyone you know that has had problems from him to report the account here. Screen shots of comments and messages can be added.
Hope you get your content back.
as a frequent musical collaborator w/ angst, I can personally corroborate not only everything put forward in this post, but furthermore, the validity of the originality of his work.

The account that has reported his songs is clearly questionable, and the absolutist banning system used by Soundcloud's "3 Strike Policy" is overly authoritative, and in this instance, wrong.
It's so sad that soundcloud isn't really looking into cases before banning people.
I hope you get back what belongs to you!

If theres anything i can help with let me know.
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Hi Angst,

Please be sure to send an email to copyrights[at] for this to be investigated. Make sure to provide the URL of the account in question, as well as the email address that was attached to it. This way, the team can look into this straight away for you.

All the best
please work this out with angst the same way you guys worked on recovering my track. he is a music producer that is serious about the content he releases. songs contain originality, & quality. he spends a lot of time on soundcloud, i constantly see him uploading cell phone videos of him listening to music. i would be very saddened and disappointed to see that you guys terminated an account of his for an unjust reason & won't recover it.
From prior experiences when I have worked with angst is that his work is extraordinary and original. He is nothing but passionate and his music screams quality and creativity. For a creative artist such as himself I believe that he should be given his account back as all the material I've heard from him is nothing but original. I also feel that the 3 strike rule is very harsh and instead of terminating accounts there should be fees regarding if even work is being copywritten at all.
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Hi there,

Thanks for backing up Angst on this one. I wish I could help from my end, but the copyrights team is ultimately the one that'll review the case.

Thank you guys for Helping me,
I got my account back now. 🙂