Toneden free downloads not working

  • 24 January 2017
  • 7 replies

So ToneDen is a website that allows artists to upload free downloads for people. All someone has to do is follow the artist on all the social media provided. However, soundcloud is always the last one that has to be followed, and it seems to can't recognize that I have already followed the artist on soundcloud. I contacted ToneDen to make sure it wasn't on their end with this problem. Is there a bug on soundcloud with this feature?

7 replies

So am I. It still hasn't been fixed to this day.
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Hi Ivan,

Hmm, not entirely sure I understand what you're saying. It also sounds like ToneDen is using a piece of our API to integrate with SoundCloud, so I'm not sure this can be sorted from our end. Any chance you could provide a step by step on how to reproduce the issue you're experiencing? If it helps, add screenshots. :-)

It is happening to me too, i tried to use other browsers but the problem continues!
I'm getting the same issue. This problem is happening whenever I try to use hyperlinks from SoundCloud to download free music. It brings me to the correct URL and says it loads the page but nothing appears to be on it.
também não funciona comigo.
So am I. It still hasn't been fixed to this day.
Its still not working, these download gates used to work ages ago but nothing.. Dunno wtf the problem is
I am having similar problems. When i click the "support on souncloud" button that would usually then let me download, i just get three spinning dots in the center of that button and then nothing happens from there.