Track won't stay on my public profile

  • 10 March 2017
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Hi, I've got a track that keeps disappearing from my public profile. If I edit it to 'private' then back to 'public' it will reappear but then disappear again. There are quite a few comments on this so I'm keen to keep the original. when this started I had an email about it being taken down for copyright infringement but I own the rights and there's nothing on my account to say there's still a problem. Thanks.

9 replies

Which track is it? I'm curious to see if it's just on your end.
Thanks for the reply! The track is Seize the Water by Jake Downs - at the moment it's listed as public but I can't see it when I'm logged out.
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That's strange. I searched "Seize the Water by Jake Downs" and it brings up your profile but not that track.
Was the copyright problem solved? You might need to check with your digital distributor that your SoundCloud account, and those of any artists you've released, are whitelisted so this doesn't happen.
The issue wasn't solved - I couldn't get any response from Soundcloud beyond the original email and gave up in the end. Contacting the digital distributor makes sense as it probably came from them in the first place - I'll do that. Thanks for the help
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Hi Vox Humana,

Odd! However, I have just triggered for your public profile to be reloaded on our backend, so you should hopefully continue to see your track just fine onwards. If this is not the case, please get back in touch 🙂
That's great - thanks. The digital distributor is going to whitelist the account so hopefully this will sort it out.

Appreciate your help!
Hi, thanks for the help i was stuck with that while i was trying to hide my public profile of sound cloud rather than community profile i can't even understand the Community environment.
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