Tracks not showing

  • 17 November 2017
  • 3 replies

I logged into my Soundcloud and i saw that my tracks would not load, and my internet connection is perfectly fine, it does this on my phone and computer. Also, when im looking at another artists music it wont load there music. And my likes are only showing half of them. Im getting kind of scared, if my music is getting hacked then i need help right away!

3 replies

i think i am having the same issue
Having the same problem. Was wondering if I was getting hacked too, I don't think that's the issue seeing that alot of us are dealing with the same problem currently.
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Hi there,

Taking into account the time of your report, I believe this was caused by a temporary issue from our end. You should be all set by now.

@Leisure Elixir, it looks like you've exceeded your quota by a few minutes, which caused for some of your tracks to become hidden, and you can no longer upload new tracks. In order to sort this out, you can either upgrade to the next Pro level subscription, or delete a few of your tracks. You can see which of your tracks are hidden by going to your tracks page at (the hidden track are all the way on the end of your tracks list).