tracks on my profile menaged by others?!

  • 29 November 2016
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hello, few days ago on my profile appeared an old record of mine (11 years ago!). I didn't post those tracks and when I'm trying to delete them this message pop-up:
"This track is managed directly by its rightsholder, so not all options can be changed. To make other changes, contact your label or distributor".
I am the rightsholder, I'll contact the label too but I don't think it's that. The tracks are also on sale. Please let me know how to menage this. Thanks

8 replies

I have the same problem ???
I suddenly have tracks appearing that I cannot delete as well how can this issue be resolved
Yo Nicratti. I'm having the same issue. Did they resolve it?
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Hi again nicratti,

Sorry to hear this is an ongoing issue. Please reach out to contentsupport[at] for this to be investigated in further detail.

All the best to you,
the label didn't upload them, neither the distributor. I tried to delete them using the mobile app but then the appear again. It looks like a malware or something. Is there a way to contact Soundcloud directly and ask them to remove it?
Thank you mathis, I'll write to the label asking also for the distributor. Hope I'll figure it out.
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Hey there,

The reason you’re unable to delete or edit these tracks is because they are managed by either your label or distributor. In order to prevent errors caused by conflicting updates to tracks, changes to automatically managed tracks have been restricted.

For more information about this, please contact your label or distributor directly.

They will hopefully be able to clarify the situation for you soon.