Trying to control the weekend spam on the help forums

  • 23 April 2018
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Could the spam that completely floods the help forums at weekends, when there are no SoundCloud staff at work to delete it, be controlled a bit with a setting that allows someone to only create around 2 or 3 new topics in a 24 hour period?
Think about it. Most people who come here create just one topic and often never post anything again, even a response to whether the advice given was helpful or not. The few times someone creates two topics at the same time it is usually the same question in two different forums. However, the "Indian love magic" spam, as it seems to be known, often creates around 100 different versions of the same message in a very short space of time. This weekend there were even ones offering spells to murder husbands and wives. What adds to the problem is that these postings don't even get viewed as nobody using SoundCloud is likely to be so primitive as to believe the crap they are trying to sell.
So, since SoundCloud can automatically detect and stop people doing too much following or liking in a short period of time surely they can do something similar when someone creates lots of new forum topics.

1 reply

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Hi s l i g h t,

Good thinking - there is already a rule in place that allows new user accounts to only post 3 topics within a 24 hour timeframe. I'll pass on your feedback to the team at, i.e. the company that powers the SoundCloud Community.

Thanks for your ongoing help & support and all the best