Two Questions : 1. Encryption 2. Old account is no longer valid?

  • 10 January 2019
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Hi there!
I have two question as stated in the title. The first question is pertaining to encryption safety. I have been logged into a new account I recently had to create today (relating to question 2), and the security lock continuously disappears at random within about 15-20 minutes after sign in. I have logged out immediately once I notice the security locked is not longer visible to avoid risk of someone hacking my password saved to the account. Should I be worried when this occur with the website? I definitely do not feel comfortable having my account logged into the mobile app without security being verified.

Question 2: I had my previous account associated with the email ** verified and in use for soundcloud since about 2012-2013. It was working the day prior without any issue with the exception of streaming difficulties. I had been asked today Jan.10th to sign back into the account I'd been using for six odd years through the mobile app. My password wasn't accessing the account. I then made it to work and tried to access it through my desk top, and my email was no longer in your system!! I lost a monumentally LARGE mass of music through the years!! I now created the new profile I am contacting you with now, and would like to make sure I wasn't hacked through the website somehow if the encryption lock is vanishing once I am online for the amount of time I stream. I definitely do not want someone to be able to access the account when I am using my phone where personal information is kept.


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