Unable to deal with being harassed by the same user.


I am having a problem with user that constantly harrases me and my soundcloud profile. What he does:
1. He goes to my tracks, posts comments irrelevant to my music
2. I then ban him and report for spam.
3. He removes his account, create a new one, with the same email, name etc
4. Repeats step 1.

Is there someone that can help me with this ?

I am really tired of banning him like 30 times a day.

Thanks !

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Really, no respose ?
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Really, no respose ?
Hi Bioharmonic,

Sorry about the late reply. Also, sorry to hear this is happening in the first place.

In this particular case, I would like to ask you to write in to our Trust & Safety team directly - they can help with such cases most efficiently. You can reach them via email here. In the subject drop down menu, please choose "Trust & Safety" in order to get through to the write team straight away. Feel free to let the team know we referred you from the forum.

Hope they can help with this soon.

All the best
I've had a user called RosesArePoo post a track which is inflammatory and hurtful. The
account is here:

I've also been noticing messages appearing in my inbox trying to bait me into arguments on separate accounts. I think I may be being targeted for harassment and it's finally starting to get to me.
Really, no respose ?
Well... Just block him and from now on don't allow comments on your tracks! "Put ALL your tracks PRIVATE!... Or just buy to him a powerful vibrator!... U know... Maybe that's all what he really expect and desperately needs from you!,lol... Sounds like you wasn't able to understand his urgent needs yet! "Just saying!" ___