Unable to repost track (reposted but nothing shown in profile)

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MY REPOSTS ARE NOT SHOWING UP IN MY STREAM OR MY FOLLOWERS! I pay money for my account why is it broken, I shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't work!!!

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Hi. I have a #SoundCloud Free #Repost network
When i repost a track that i reposted and unreposted it in the past, track doesn't show on top of my profile and my followers stream.
So i can't Re-Repost tracks anymore ! :|
i have the same problem
same problem!!do something pleasee
same probleeeemmmm!!!!

same here just started today
PLS HELP I DON'T UNDERSTAND i have the same problem :s
It says the song's been reposted but, it's not there when I go to my profile to listen. 😞
today i dropped a new project (fueled by hate) yet its not letting people repost the playlist or the songs. curious as to the reason?
i feel you fr. not sure how to fix this.
same issue. says i reposted a track but does not show up on my profile. frustrating

So today I'm experiencing this weird issue: I reposted a track normally (the notification "The ABCXYZ was reposted in your profile" did show up), but after that when I accessed my profile, I couldn't play that track (although I still can play it from Home tab or by Searching). Then I refreshed my profile page, the reposted track disappeared. I went to Home tab and check that track again, the repost icon is still ON, but nothing shown in my profile. This issue happened for 3 tracks that I tried to repost. I tried again reposting a track using Soundcloud app on iPhone, and nothing shown in profile after that, looked like the same problem.

I'm not sure whether this has something to do with my account, or the internet connection itself?

Please help me on this matter. Thanks a lot.
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I've got the same issue buddy...
Soundcloud is really starting to 'bug' me with all of its dodgy features!!!
So I just posted this track. . And I am able to see my favorites on it and my plays but not my reposts. I have beeen told multiple times that my friends have reposted tho any ideas on how to fix this???
its a bug
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I'm not seeing reposts of it, so it's not a cache issue that could be solved if you sign out of your account and refresh your browser.
It might be worth adding here what system your friends that have reposted it are doing it on. A computer or the mobile app?
Also, is it showing up on their reposts lists on their profiles?
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Hi there,

Reposts will only be pushed to the top of the Stream the first time you repost it. If you've reposted them before and unreposted them, they will show up in the same place as the last time you reposted it. Maybe this is what's happening?
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Hi everyone,

Apologies about this issue. We've received a heads up from our engineers that there was an issue that caused this earlier today. This issue has now been solved and things should be back to normal by now.

Thanks for hanging in there.