unintentionally deleting my account

  • 27 April 2019
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Please excuse my bad English but I am French and use google translation.

this message to report you a sudden disappearance of one of my soundcloud pages today
"Sylapse" mail: d****0@****.**
This is unfortunately not the first time.
I regularly have media pages that are erased without reasons (5 in a few months ..)
The reason mentioned by your team is a regular rest of music (?)
However this time the prejudice is more serious for me because it is the page of my band.
Indeed, this one serves me to promote my work, I do not rest there absolutely nothing, so the reason invoked above can not be valid.
I presume it's a mishandling on your part.
Two months ago, my main page (Dominique Le Bars) It is found in the same situation.
She was identified by your staff as spam - which of course is not the case -
Fortunately after email exchange, your team has done everything necessary and everything is back in order.
I hope once again to rely on your responsiveness to a recurring problem that I encounter unfortunately a little too often these days.
Best regards

Mr Le Bars

4 replies

This is the page I'm trying to access..
How can you help me please?
Dominique Le Bars
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Hi there,

Apologies about this issue. I've checked in with our Trust & Safety team and it seems like the account was caught by SoundCloud's security systems by accident. We've now made sure the account is fully restored, so you should be able to sign in again properly.

I've edited your initial post and *'ed out your email address. We highly recommend not to share any personal data on the public Help Community to protect your private data.

How do you explain that this phenomenon is recurrent?
I have encountered the same problem 5 times in the last 3 months ..
I was deleted an account this week in addition to the one already mentioned. I wonder if this is a series of bad manipulations unannounced by the team of Soundcloud or a systematic relentlessness.
What do you think ?