Urgent issue regarding account status and strikes

  • 22 September 2015
  • 2 replies

My account has received multiple strikes for uploading DJ mixes containing copyrighted contact. I tried disputing some of the reports as I had permission to use those tracks. I don't understand why my my dispute was denied, but I am fine with not having the mix on my profile. However, I do not believe I should get a strike since I did provide you with proof of rights... Please let me know how many strikes I have and reconsider some of them. I sent you multiple emails, but didn't get replies...

2 replies

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Hi there STAWSKI,

Thank you for getting in touch. Sorry to hear about your current copyright issues.

1. If you believe the take downs were made in error, I'd recommend to file a dispute for each of the tracks that were blocked most recently. You can do so here. This is regardless whether or not you'll write an email to the copyrights team. (keep on reading to learn how to get in touch with them).

2. Here's general information on Copyrights:

3. For any questions in regards to copyright, it will always be best to write an email to our Copyrights team. Most copyright questions cannot be dealt with on the help forum directly. You can get in touch with them here.

Hope they can help with this soon.

Yes, for example, I disputed Bounce House 27, but received this message, "Unfortunately, your dispute was rejected." However, if you look at this public tweet and I will attach screenshot, artist publicly gave me full permission to use track. I still received a strike for this...

Can you please tell legal team to reply to my emails? I would like to know how many strikes I have and why since I provided proof that I was allowed to use tracks. I would like a warning before they suddenly terminate account.