User claiming asking money for track repost / wtf

  • 5 June 2017
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After sending a track to a user, I received a weird proposal : we can repost your song in exchange of 5,10,25 USD ..
Does this comply with soundclouds terms of use ? Are there real users listenning to these channels, or are they robots ? How can soundcloud let such behaviors ?

5 replies

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Does this comply with soundclouds terms of use ?

No. See this about charging for promotion.
Also, using a service like this counts as fake activity .... see:

How can soundcloud let such behaviors ?
The problem is the people doing this are quite shady about it. They hide their adverts in a track or a picture or through messages and comments so it's not as obvious as if they wrote it in their profile.
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Can you put a link to the profile that was asking you for money here, and cut & paste the message from them.
2 users identified :

user : Trendy Sounds
message received : "Hello, nice track!
If you need to repost and promote your music (more 200,000 followers, 34 channels).
Full details in the link below. If you have any questions, ask them here.…OuwlBqKzj2SZQ/pub"

user : Add This Music
bio : "ALL Submissions Sent To This Link. We will NOT listen to your submission if it's not sent here:"
Message received (email) :" Hey Groove Journey!
First and foremost thank you for submitting Nothing To Loose! We’ve reviewed your submission and it has been approved for a repost on Add This Music and more.
All you need to do is click the button below. You are open to repeat your promotion on any of these pages as many times as you would like, and the promotion page will remain active forever.
We thoroughly enjoyed listening to your production and we hope that in the future you submit your music to us. Keep working hard and put your heart into your productions, we will be here to help you with the rest!"
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Hi there,

Thanks for reporting. When you come across profiles like the ones you've already reported here, please block these users and report them during this same process.

Here's more on the topic in general.
Well obviously this didn't work. They will continue to ask for money and they will continue to run their business most likely out of another country besides the U.S. and soundcloud will not do anything about it. I can literally find hundreds if not thousands of these "underground" businesses. Blocking and reporting doesn't do anything because Soundcloud just doesn't care.