Viewing track information

  • 9 April 2018
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How do I view track information (Basic Info, Metadata, and Permissions) for a track which is not my own?

5 replies

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Basic Info: You can see the track title, artwork, URL and any description on the track page.

Metadata: You might see a release date, P line and a buy link on the track page. What more information do you want to see?

Permissions: If a track is set to be private you won't see it unless you are sent a link. If it is set to be downloadable you'll see the download link.
in particular, i would like to see the fields from the Metadata page - i.e. publisher, composer, release title, and especially license info.
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Hi plutek,

If the artist has provided this info, it will show under the waveform, as part of the track description. This is best viewed from a computer web browser.


P.S.: Here's an example

cool... thanks, @Mathis!
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And what about ISRC, ISWC, etc. all those information other persons need to use our music ??